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[Video] Car Surveillance: an Unregulated Privacy Disaster

The Hated One is at it again, this time exposing automobile surveillance.

[Book] The Selfish Gene

Famous atheist, evolutionary biologist, and coiner of the modern term “meme” Richard Dawkins takes a gene-centric view of Darwinian evolution by natural selection in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene.

Cover Your Cameras

I make the case for covering not only built-in webcams on your personal computer, but also smartphone cameras.

Site Update 010

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Don't Record Others Without Permission

We’ve lost the right to personal privacy to a large extent thanks to the ever-expanding corporate surveillance state. The surveillance state we all live under is getting increasing attention from non-mainstream media sources. However, something that doesn’t make the non-mainstream news is the privacy we voluntarily take away from each other by recording people without their permission.

Git Privacy

Git has a privacy problem. Here’s how to fix it.

[Video] Monero: More Anonymous Than Cash

No one should be using Bitcoin. Use Monero instead. Monero is what people think Bitcoin is: an anonymous, untraceable digital currency.

On Malware

It’s time to rethink what counts as malware.

[Video] Is Your Keyboard Spying on You?

Your keyboard is one of the most important things to secure in desktop and mobile environments, yet it is often overlooked. TheHatedOne has some suggestions on which keyboards are safe to use.

The Meaning of Life

My answer to the question: What is the meaning of life?